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Northside Business Park By the mid-Nineties, Village of Brokaw officials reluctantly began thinking seriously about dis-incorporation. Life in Brokaw was becoming more difficult. The Village's wastewater treatment plant couldn't operate properly because of the ever decreasing resident population and low flow to the plant. Many remaining residents were of retirement age and faced ballooning sewer and water rates. The solution was expansion, but the Wisconsin River and the virtually un-developable granite bluffs seemed have the Village landlocked against any possible annexation to the Village of Brokaw. (You could say the Village was "Between a rock and a hard place") But there was a solution and that's how Brokaw's bridge became the Villages bridge to a future. Village officials looked west, across the Wisconsin River for expansion. In 1997, a land owner in the Town of Maine wanted to develop what had previously been a clay barrow site. The developer knew water and sewer services would be necessary and approached the Village regarding annexation and began developing a business park. The petition for annexation of 52 acres was approved by the Village and the State of Wisconsin and zoned for commercial and light industrial facilities. A Tax Incremental Finance District (TIF) was created to serve as a funding mechanism to allow the extension of village sewer and water to the site, which was completed in 2002. Several businesses have open there doors in the Northside Business Park since then and in the future.
Businesses Built In The - Northside Business Park - Brokaw, Wisconsin
Central State Insulation, Inc. Mechanical & Industrial Insulating 5500 N. 28th Ave. PO Box 122 Brokaw, Wi. 54417 Phone: 715-675-0101 E - Mail:
Brokaw Convenience LLC Self-Service Fuel & Food Owner: Raj Bhandari 5755 N. 28th Ave. Wausau, Wi 54401 Phone: 715-675-1080  
United States Army Reserve Training Center
Heartland Cooperative Heartland Cooperatives New Brokaw Grain Site Now accepting dry corn and beans. Phone Mark at: 715-218-4054 Web site:
Positive Alternatives Marathon County Group Home 5475 N. 28th Ave. Wausau, Wi. 54401 Program Coordinator: Caylee Nichols Phone: 715-298-3134 E - Mail: Web Site:
Snow Track LLC Sales, Service of Snow Machinery Owner: Michael L. Witzeling 5555 N. 26th Ave. Wausau, Wi. 54401 Phone: 715-675-7554 E - Mail:
Three Office Building 5655 N. 28th Ave. Wausau, WI  54401
Valley Scale Service, Inc. Sales, Service of Scales & Equipment 5555 N. 28th Ave. Wausau, Wi. 54401 Phone: 715-675-0222 E - Mail: Web Page:
Self-Service Fuel and Food Corn and Soy Bean Drying and Storage Corn Drying Plant Office, Engineering Office, & Business Park Land Sales. Logistics & Brokerage Closed