Brokaw History
The Village of Brokaw - Copyright© 2013
1899: Wausau Paper Mills Company formed. 1900: First paper produced at new mill.  1903: Village of Brokaw was incorporated. Company builds school and church. 1912: Flood washes away the dam at mill. 1923: Company builds new concrete dam. 1938: Flood destroys concrete dam. 1941: Flood severely damages mill. 1945: Work begins on well, water, and sewage systems. 1948: Company begins to sell homes to employees. Company store burns. 1949: Newly built company store/post office opens.  1951: Library opens. 1954: Village starts volunteer fire department.  1950's: Ski jumping flourishes. 1964: School closes. 1967: Bridge over Wisconsin River opens. 1969: Bank opens. 1978: Company store closes. 1997: Library closes. Village annexes Business Park on west side of Wisconsin River.  1998: First new commercial business opens in Business Park. 2002: Village purchases and annexes 52 acres of Lemke farm for residential subdivision on west side of river, now called River Ridge Subdivision.  2003: Village celebrates Centennial. Three new businesses added to Business Park. 2004: New homes being built in River Ridge. 2006: New homes and businesses plus Army Reserve Center. 2008: Started construction of water line from Wausau to Brokaw.  2009: Completed water line connection from Wausau to Brokaw, and tore down old water tower and water treatment plant. 2011: Wausau Papers scraped out Pulp Mill. In November announced closing of Brokaw Mill in spring of 2012. 2012: Wausau Papers shut down it's operation and put plant and land up for sale. 2013: TerX Shredding & Recycling Company LLC bought paper
Village of Brokaw Time-Line
Brokaw Street Scene 1908 Brokaw residents would walk acoss the dam to get to Abe's Place. Church on corner of First and Everest Ave. in Brokaw, WI Three Room School House 3 School House on left and Club House on right.
Brokaw Street Scene 1908
3 Room School & Club House 1908
Three Room School House
Methodist Church
Company Store 1910
Abe's Place
New Land Annexed 1997
Business Park & River Ridge Subdivision in 2002
Old Water Tower Near Mill
New Water Tower in River Ridge
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mill property in spring of 2013.